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Rushad to leave Crooked Still!

This was in the Signature Sounds newsletter:

Crooked Still Announces New Line-Up and Recording Plans
After 6 years of creating one of the most unique and compelling forms of
alternative bluegrass music today, Crooked Still is announcing a change in
its line-up. Cellist Rushad Eggleston will perform his last show with the
band on November 18th. Crooked Still is excited to welcome two new
members: Tristan Clarridge on cello and Brittany Haas on fiddle. They have
both played in Darol Anger’s Republic of Strings, along with numerous
other projects.

From clubs, to concert halls, to festivals Crooked Still has shattered preconceptions of how traditional music is played. In their world, rock energy coexists with old-time mountain soul. Spooky backwoods melodies combine with hard-hitting beats. And raw, searing blues riffs intermingle with high heavenly vocals. It’s easy to see why The Boston Globe raved that Crooked Still is “the most important folk group to emerge from Boston since the early 60’s.” Their widely acclaimed CD, Shaken By a Low Sound (2006) received rave reviews from publications like Interview Magazine, No Depression, and USA Today proclaiming, “Aoife O’Donovan. Remember that name, because with a sultry voice that makes her sound like a bluesier Alison Krauss, she’s about to become the newest darling of the Americana set…the year’s most descriptively titled album turns public-domain tunes into bluegrass and chamber folk… Shaken is stirring.”

Don’t miss these final shows with Rushad:

Nov. 2 Joe's Pub New York, NY
Nov. 3 The Chocolate Church Bath, ME
Nov. 9 Sanders Theater Cambridge, MA
Nov. 10 The Narrows Center for the Arts Fall River, MA
Nov. 16 Stone Mountain Arts Center Brownfield, ME
Nov. 17 Lebanon Opera House Lebanon, NH
Opening for Del McCoury
Nov. 18 The Iron Horse Northampton, MA

Crooked Still will begin recording a new album in January 2008 and
continue their “ingenious flair for steering traditional music in
unexpected directions.” Look for a spring 2008 release on Signature Sounds.

* I'm really sad this is happening. Although I've grown to love every member of the band, Rushad was the inital draw for me. How can you not help but notice him? I think he is initally what draws a lot of people least everyone I've introduced to the band comes out amazed by him.
* The instrument arrangement, sans fiddle is what makes the band really unique. I know that both the new players are excellent, but it won't be the same.
* On a plus, Hooray for a new record!
* I wonder what the reason is for him leaving. Maybr Aoife and him broke up and it was too hard to work together. Maybe his antics at Merlefest had something to do with it. In either case, I'm really going to miss him.
* I always figured Greg would be the first to leave the band.

I was already planning to go to the Northampton show, and now it looks like I'm going to have to at least make it to Joe's Pub too. If I'm really adventurous maybe I'll go to Fall River or Cambridge too.
Everyone should try to go to these shows. Try to see the band one last time in its original form, with Rushad! It will be worth it. Just be sure to make reservations because I'm sure these are going to sell out.

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He and Aoife did indeed break up, earlier this year. I think Hanneke Cassel told me? Some fiddler or another. I'm really sad about Rushad leaving because he was a huge part of the band's uniqueness, but both Tristan and Brittany are amazing musicians and people. I think this change is easiest to think about if the I think of it as a new band all together...
Ah, thanks for confirming.
So sad though :-(