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Crooked Still

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4/25/06 01:46 pm - shakenbysound - Greg with Bruce

Good Morning America put a clip from today's show online. Greg is in the background behind Bruce. He's not featured in the song, but you can still see him! And the song rocks too!

Oh Mary Don't You Weep 7:09 minutes

4/24/06 02:39 pm - jianantonic

Just a heads up if you're not on the Crooked Still mailing list...

Hey everyone-
we don't usually send out more than one message per month, but thought
you guys might want to know about this stuff-

Tonight (monday), in Lexington, Kentucky, we play on Woodsongs Old Time
Radio Hour. You can watch our live performance ONLINE!

Tomorrow morning (tuesday), Greg will be on TV with the Springsteen
band- the show is ABC's Good Morning America. Check your local listings,
and enjoy!

Thanks for the support!
crooked still

4/17/06 02:01 pm - shakenbysound - Oh my gosh!

Big news - Greg Liszt is going to be touring with Bruce Springstein!! This is so exciting! I'm going to try to see the show in Saratoga, NY.

I've cut the whole letter that CS sent out with the details. This also includes concert dates in the midwest!
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3/1/06 06:39 pm - folktraveler

From the Signature Sounds newsletter:

Crooked Still's first signature release will be titled Shaken By A Low Sound and is set for a summer release.  The album was produced by noted jazz producer Lee Townsend and included guest performances by fiddler Casey Driessen, the Mammals Ruth Unger and Laurie Lewis & Tom Rozum

1/22/06 04:47 pm - jianantonic - February 12 in Charlottesville Heads Up

To all those of you in the Charlottesville, VA area, in case you didn't know about this, I wanted to give a heads up.

Crooked Still will be playing at the Prism Cafe at both 4pm and 7pm on Sunday February 12.

Girlyman will be playing at the Gravity Lounge that same day at 8pm. I know the groups have lots of common fans, so I just wanted to give the heads up about the conflicting times before anyone preorders tickets without considering the other show. The two venues are very close, both in downtown Charlottesville, so you could certainly make it to the 4pm CS show as well as the 8pm Girlyman show. Girlyman also appears to have an opener scheduled, so if you want to do both Crooked Still sets, you may not miss much of the Girlyman set, but your seats would probably not be good if you come late.

Both venues and both bands are spectacular - I encourage you to check out both if you have the means. I'll be going with a whole group of folks, if anyone needs to share rides...we're coming from all directions.


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11/6/05 03:48 pm - folktraveler - Crooked Still and others // Somerville Theater Nov 5

Crooked Still, Jake Armerding & Halali played an incredible show last night at the Somerville Theater. As we were told the first plans for this show had been made by Jake and other organizers 18 months back. This was a hometown show for a lot of musicians on the stage (hosted by Matt Smith of Club Passim fame) and the atmosphere was bordering on Baseball stadium like. I appeared to be very close to be sold out.
I really had high hopes for this triple bill and it turned out even better than I had expected.
They played in reverse order (as noted above). I had never heard Halali live before (as a group that is. I had heard Henneke Cassel several times though) and their performance was simply outstanding but I have to admit that I truly love Celtic music (I've been longer into Celtic than into American contemporary folk).
Jake Armerding, a treat as always, with his Dad on mandolin and (partly) Henneke on piano and Greg Liszt on banjo.

Crooked Still's set:

Darling Corey
Last Fair Deal Gone Down
Orphan Girl *loves*
Keep My Body Down(?)
Ecstasy (w/ Aoife on guitar)
Cowboy Joker

I had never seen Crooked Still in a non-festival like venue and they were beyond amazing.

A big ass jam session with all musicians followed, they played 2 songs altogether (10? musicians) and closed with Shady Grove as a sing along after a total cracktastic intro by Rushad ;)
But we didn't let them get away with this so they came back and played Graceland (Paul Simon cover) as an encore.

I'm still floored.

8/4/05 03:29 pm - shakenbysound - Future of CS

Hey, I'm not intimately or personally aware of the band's future direction, and I often wonder about this. I read an article somewhere that since Aoife is so extremely talented it took the band awhile to commit to doing this type of music together, rather than her going off and doing any of the other myraid of things she is capable of. Do you think they are planning to stick together for a while, or are they still testing things out? I'm also curious about what Greg's plans are after he gets his PhD. I would like to think he would stick to music, but for some reason I doubt anyone that goes to the trouble of getting a PhD from MIT goes into music as a profession.

I always encourage my friends to listen to "Hop High", and to go see them live. Most of the reason is because I know they will enjoy it and have a great time. Another reason is that I worry about how much longer the band will be around, and I want to see them while they still have the chance. I hope they will be together for a long time, but I'm not so sure.

Does anyone have the inside scoop here?

7/30/05 10:24 pm - sweetarwen

Uh, so... did any of you Falcon Ridgers go to the Dance tent much on... I think it was Friday? Yeeeaaah I totally contradanced with Rushad. Which made my weekend. Heeehee he made funny faces at me when we would swing. And he remembered me from when we met last year, which I thought he wouldn't and that was thrilling for me as well. :D

7/26/05 09:39 am - shakenbysound - Crooked Still at Falcon Ridge - 7/23 - 7/24/05

Wow, Crooked Still was at the Falcon Ridge Folk Festival this past weekend, and they were totally awesome! I saw them perform on Friday morning at the workshop stage, and on the Main Stage on Saturday night. I also saw Rushad and Aoife perform together as the Goblin and Princess of Snee at the Family Stage.

After their workshop set on Friday, I showed all of them
the shirt I made, and asked them to sign it. They were all really excited about it, and loved it. Cory said that it was first shirt he had ever signed, and Rushard said that he "hoped to own one of those in the future." :-D I was sooooo happy.

Rushad and Aoife's set on the family stage was very fun to watch. The kids all seemed to like it, and they all grunted, yelled and sang the funny Snee words back at Rushad. I had fun participating in that as well! I think the show really showed Rushad's versatility and creativity.

Their Main Stage set on Saturday night was probably the best set I have seen them do. I've seen them perform 4 times (once at FRFF last year, and 3 times since then). This set was very high energy, and full of excitment. It was obvious that they weren't as nervous as they were last year, and they had a lot more fun with the audience. They played some great new songs, even one that they had just learned the day before. I think it was called "Ectasy," and it was a really beautiful hymn. None of the people I was camping with had seen them before, and they were all blown away by the group.

On Sunday I was sad because the group didn't have any performances, and I wanted to show them to my boyfriend, who just came for Sunday. I did see Cory play on the dance stage, and then I ran into Aoife in the merchandise tent. This may have been the highlight of the whole festival for me. This is how it happenedCollapse )

In short, I think they blew everyone away at the Festival, and it was really fun for me to get to interact with them. :-)

7/16/05 07:03 pm - firstacoustic

wow! i didn't know Crooked Still had a LJ community devoted to it!!!
that's so great!!!
i know Crooked Still because i live in the Boston Area and am pretty involved in the folk scene here. Brian O'Donavan is a family friend and i went to school with his youngest son, Aidan.

just thought i'd say hi!
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